Until you're old, shriveled up and grey, people will give you advice.  Your job is to sift through it as though your mining for gold.

Heck, this blog is nothing but advice for students and people who want to turn their lives around when headed in the wrong direction.

Just remember that depending on where you get your advice, most of it will be other people's opinions based on THEIR experiences.

Be careful to sift through it to see if the advice is beneficial to YOUR dreams and YOUR goals.

Just because something worked for one person, doesn't mean it'll work for you.

For example, the advice to jog everyday may not work for you if you've got bad knees.  Swimming may be better.

Take advice with a grain of salt and beware of the person's motives for giving you advice in the first place.

My motives are clear...

I want you to learn from my mistakes and be an amazing you!

Youth Speaker Tim White

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