One of my daughters just visited me at my house.

She called me because she was in the area and wanted to stop by to pass some time while she waited to meet her spouse.

My daughter's not necessarily a clean freak but she does keep her place well kept.

I remember a time when she was young and couldn't eat at her friend's house because of their dog. It smelled of dog in the house and naturally there would be dog hair spread throughout the house. The thought of eating there would make her nauseous.

Now as for me and my wife, we don't really know the definition of "house cleaning".

Our goal is to eventually find a good house cleaner to come maybe twice a month to take care of the dusting, mopping, window cleaning and things of that nature.

We have zero company and our furry kids don't mind when our house is a mess; heck, they contribute to the mess!

I'm always enthralled in my work and my wife manages a retail location of a soon to be fortune 500 company. We work professionally hard! We work housework soft.

As long as my office, studio and kitchen are functional, I'm good.

My wifey-poo works all day, I feed her, we spend some time together and then it's nighty night. I think she sees three rooms of the house on an annual basis. So she could care a less as well.

Now back to my daughter...

Now that you know all of this about me, my wife, my house and my daughter, she just left my house after a quick 12 minute visit.

My house was a mess with unorganized front and middle rooms. A few dishes were piled up in the sink. The floors had little "tumbleweed dust" gathered in the corners, and even dried up snow and water marks by the back door entrance that were left over from the snowfall five weeks ago.

When she called to say she was stopping by, the old me would have quickly relieved myself of my casual house clothes in exchange for some jeans and such, and offered to take her to lunch so that she wouldn't have to endure the mess and I would be spared the embarrassment. But nope, not today.

But it's 2019 and the 'new me' asked the question, "Does it really matter?"

Should I run around hiding who I am? I know that actually, when my business is up and running and I have balance and order in my life, I'm actually a tad bit O.C.D. about my surroundings!  I actually like to keep a clean and organized place. I'm just swamped with work right now.

So does it really matter? Does it really matter that I'm currently living this way? Does it lessen the love I have for my daughter? No.

Does it lessen the love she has for me? (Well maybe?) Just kidding. Well, kind of. Sheesh, I don't know!

The bottom line is this: It DOESN'T matter!

Who we are and what we do is what makes us, us.

How we give to the world and how we treat those whom we come into contact with everyday, is what matters!

Not how your house is kept or if your floors are swept.

If I can see out of my windows, it's all good. I choose to focus on the beauty of the outside, the sky, the clouds, the green grass. Not the smudges on the glass.

The bottom line UNDER the bottom line: My daughter loves me and the 12 minutes in time we spent together just now on a whim, is what matters.

I love her and seeing her made my day.

Also, I held family "game night" at my office every month and since I got rid of my office to save money and work at home again, we started rotating houses.

When it's my turn next month to host, guess what? She'll see my house transformed like she wouldn't believe and she'll say, "Wow dad, you really cleaned up well."

And she'll probably even be able to eat here too. (wink)

Now, my question to you is, "What really matters to you?"

Have you been focusing on or maybe even obsessing about something that really doesn't matter?

In the grand scheme of this short thing we call our lives, what really matters to you?

My challenge to you is to discard any believes that may be hindering your life and happiness if they really don't matter and start to focus on the things in your life that do matter.

Family. Love. Giving. Growing. Happiness.

That's what really matters!

Youth Speaker Tim White

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