Exercise has many definitions and before I go into any of them I have to be honest.  I couldn't even spell it right. Boy does that GED come in handy.

Here's the definition I'm using right now: a process or activity carried out for a specific purpose, especially one concerned with a specified area or skill.

This is why I write every day.

I was at a Toastmasters meeting tonight and someone asked me do I have any New Year's resolutions and I told them yes, to write everyday.

Six people heard me say that and how funny it feels now like I have added pressure to "perform".

Again, I try to make these posts have value for you as I use them as an exercise in discipline for me.

So let's do that now.

What can YOU do that will grow YOUR discipline muscle?

I've chosen to write every day and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that by writing every day will build mental and emotional strength in me and even "thicken my skin".

Pick something, anything you may find will provide value to YOUR life that you could do every single day.

And just by you helping yourself, growing and becoming a better person because of it, you'll automatically be providing value for others... because YOU are a better person to be around.

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