Never underestimate the value you bring to the world.

Value is subjective.

What you may consider low value may be high value to someone else. 

I just got finished performing a comedy routine for a couples joint 60th birthdays.

It was at a restaurant and the space provided was limited.

As I did my show, I knew if the setup would have been different, the energy would have been much better.

There was a baby at the table that wouldn't settle, some of the jokes seemed to not land and the husband of the couple was having fun but seemed a tad bit embarrassed.

When it was all said and done, to me, the performance felt like a 6 out of 10.

However, the client thought it was outstanding!

In the review, she told me everyone loved it, had a blast, and would never forget how special that day was thanks to the amazing personalized comedy.

To me, it seemed not too great.  Maybe because I know how much better it could have been if the conditions had been more ideal.

To the customer and audience, they loved it.

Look for places in your life where you think you may not be providing much value but if you looked from another perspective, you're delivering tons.

If you know you could be doing better, then strive to do so when you can, but don't sell yourself short.

You're probably a lot more valuable than you realize.

Youth Speaker Tim White

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