helping students stay sober and succeed!

helping students stay sober and succeed!

Inspirational Speaker Tim White
United States Army
Lebanon Valley College
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Accepting Feedback
A little positive feedback may feel negative simply because you don't want to be with flaws, but remember, nobody's perfect.
When listening to advice, your job is to sift through it as though your mining for gold. Find what applies to YOUR life and YOUR goals.
Beware. Beware. Life’s Not Fair.
Just knowing that life is not always fair will prepare you for the harsh realities of the world and keep you strong.
Look for places in your life where you think you may not be providing much value but if you look from another perspective, you're delivering tons.
When you commit yourself to a goal that may seem huge, you'll find out that little by little, you can achieve it.
Your Time Is Priceless
Learning to say "no" to people and activities that don't support your goals is one of the most valuable skills you can develop.
Did You Cry Today?
Crying is often times associated with sadness but the crying I'm talking about here is the crying associated with 'tears of joy'.
Destroy Distractions and Start Listening to Yourself
When you turn off your external world such as television, the internet, notifications, cells phones and all outside "noise", you'll be surprised at the conversation you actually have with yourself.
Measure Your Movement
Measuring your goals not only documents how far you've come along, it will also help you build momentum as you're reaching your goals.