As I'm finally cleaning up and organizing my house, I feel my mind being freed as well.

I once heard it said that a cluttered desk means a cluttered mind.

But I also heard that Einstein had a very cluttered desk. Was HIS mind cluttered?

Well if it was, wow, imagine what he could have accomplished with an uncluttered mind.

The point is, I'm feeling better and stronger and excited to have a clean and organized home and home-office.

I believe that productivity and creativity will flourish when order is in place.

Think about your surroundings. Are they conducive to your productivity?

Do you have "Feng Shui"?

I'm working on my feng shui. That's just fun to say, "Feng Shui".

Okay, well, I have the next post title for tomorrow... "The Feng Shui of Your Mind."

Maybe even a book. Well, someone's going to beat me to it now. I'll look it up on Google. It's probably already a book.

Oh well, I'm off to
clean something!

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