Yesterday, we decided that today's post was going to be entitled, "The Feng Shui of Your Mind".

So as promised, ta da!

I was sort of right about the title already being a book.  There's something out there called Feng Shui The Mind.  I guess that's more of an action. Ours is more of a noun, so I guess the option's still out there to write the book!

By the way, if you don't know what Feng Shui is, look it up.

You'll probably want to incorporate it in your life.

Now on with something useful.

The Feng Shui of The Mind would be similar to the Feng Shui of our outside world.

I want you to understand that the way you think affects your behavior, your energy, harmony, balance and overall happiness.

For instance, me committing to write everyday started as a 30 day challenge I took from Shane Melaugh.  But when I also heard Seth Godin recommend that everyone write a blog EVERYDAY, I decided to make it so. This you know if you've watched my video in the widget area here on this blog.

Even though the challenge started as a 30 day challenge, I've internalized it to an everyday challenge!

Relating that to Feng Shui, I'm energizing my mind everyday and harnessing its power, balance, harmony and the like.

I realize that most likely, no one will read these posts and currently their quite the rubbish, but if I decorated my home with Feng Shui and no one ever visits me, I'm still reaping the rewards of having an energized home full of power, balance, harmony and the like.  So is it with these writings.  I don't need YOU to read them, I just need to write them.

Just knowing I have to write everyday, energized me every second of the day because I look forward to the challenge, and I look forward to growing.

So I say to you, CHALLENGE yourself with The Feng Shui of YOUR mind.

Come up with something that will energize you everyday, every moment, every second of your life!

So, in honor of the title of this post, I say to you, "Go harness The Feng Shui of Your Mind!"

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