In a time of notifications, emails, internet, cell phones, on-demand movies, social media and countless other sources of "noise", it takes concentrated effort to be able to simply, "Listen to yourself."For a moment, think

The space in which you work, eat and relax should vary in look, feel and design.To achieve ultimate productivity and happiness, create spaces around you that are comfortable and conducive to your tasks at

As you probably already know, your subconscious mind is at work 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.If you're typing login credentials into accounts frequently, you can use this to your advantage.For instance:

Crying is often associated with sadness... but I'm talking about "tears of joy".​I was crying today as I envisioned my future.I was overwhelmed with gratitude as I could see all my focus, dedication and

Learning to forgive those who've harmed you or others is a way of relieving yourself of the burden of anger.Have you ever heard the saying, "When you forgive someone, it's for YOU not for

Being able to take constructive criticism is crucial for your growth as a human being.At Toastmaster meetings, speakers are evaluated after they speak.Being able to take feedback and suggestions for improvement are invaluable to

Until you're old, shriveled up and grey, people will give you advice.  Your job is to sift through it as though your mining for gold.Heck, this blog is nothing but advice for students and

It's absolutely possible to live a long productive and happy life. Just be aware that life's not always fair.Before you think this is a negative blog post, keep in mind this post comes after

Never underestimate the value you bring to the world.Value is subjective.What you may consider low value may be high value to someone else. I just got finished performing a comedy routine for a couples joint

What have you committed yourself to that'll help you move forward and achieve your goals?Today, no big ideas came to my mind of what to write about. So I chose commitment.A 365 writing challenge