Do you ever compare yourself to other people? As I'm taking on this 365 challenge, a funny thing is happening.

I'm starting to compare myself with other people.

People waaay more successful than me!

The funny part about it is that even though I know I'm ultimately taking on this challenge for my own self-discipline muscle, I know I'm putting it out here in the world where YOU can read it.

And by putting my thoughts out here, I'm also putting myself out here. And with that comes... (cue psycho music)... JUDGEMENT!

You can judge me.

So this is a reminder to myself to take the exact advice I give to you:

Stay focused on who YOU are and what YOUR unique capabilities and offerings are. People are going to love you... for you!

I'd rather have you not like me for who I really am, than to like me for someone I'm pretending to be.

So if you find yourself comparing yourself to people that are more 'successful' than you, or focusing on what THEY have and what THEY'VE already accomplished, or thinking you're not as good as they are... STOP!

Be yourself and be appreciated for who YOU are!  If you're not you, who's gonna be you?!

Yes, a part of our brain is always going to do comparisons because it's in our nature, but when you catch yourself doing it, remember the words of comedian Kevin Hart, "Do you boo. Do you!"

Now go be yourself. A lot of people love you... for you!

Youth Speaker Tim White

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