It's absolutely possible to live a long productive and happy life. Just be aware that life's not always fair.

Before you think this is a negative blog post, keep in mind this post comes after I witnessed two sporting events where what should have been the winners in both events, were cheated against, and "lost".

And these were conference championship games to see who goes to the big show that only happens once a year.

A big deal.  Actually, THE BIGGEST DEAL!

So both teams that should have won, lost because of the referees.

The referees made blaten horrific calls in BOTH games that not only changed the outcome of the games, they literally altered the history of the sport.

And guess what? They'll get away with it. They always do.

There will be no repercussions, no penalizations and no accountability.

It's not fair.

Life's not fair.

I've been slowly pulling away from my interest in professional sports and this was the first year I stopped watching professional sports pretty much all together for that exact reason.

I was jaded with certain teams always getting caught for cheating yet still considered to be "the best" and the referees constantly making obvious calls (and no calls) that help teams win with no consequences at all.

I was jaded.

I canceled my sports package, quit buying professional sports clothing, products and most importantly stopped spending my valuable time on an industry that people have started to notice is clearly rigged for years now.

The funny part is, I worked all day in my office and just as the game was ending, I remembered it was on.

I turned it on to see who won and the very first play I saw was the play that would have ended the game because the team that would have lost made a really bad foul.

But nope. No call.

I looked into "the camera of life" and chuckled.

I chuckled because I knew it was the universe communicating to me, "Get back to work Tim, you're wasting your time."

When my wife came home, she put on the second game and low and behold it's the team that's notorious not only for cheating, but for having the referees make up calls that go in their favor to help them win.

Of course, this team would have lost this game too.

But nope. Calls were made out of thin air to help the team win... as I and probably millions of people expected.

It's a sad joke.

One definition of insanity is, "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting to get a different result."

Thinking professional sports is fair, is insanity.

So that's my little rant about the decline of professional sports and why I don't waste time watching games anymore.

I'd rather spend my time building my business, being with family or cleaning the leaves out of my gutters!

My health is better and my outlook on life is sunnier.

The point is that life's not fair and we have to live with it.

I used to let my blood pressure rise but what's the point?

So, when life's not fair to YOU or when you see an unfair and unjust situation, unless you can do something to change it, don't let it raise your blood pressure and get you down.

Just change your perspective on it.

Do what you can.

In this case, I just spend my time (and money) more wisely.

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