Preventing Student Substance Abuse
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About Tim

Speaker Tim White is an Award-winning Motivational Speaker working to prevent
Student Substance Abuse in Colleges, Universities and Schools across America.

Tim’s Story

After suffering over thirty years of alcohol addiction which manifested divorce, being in and out of jail, separation from his children, going deep into debt and being “broke” in every sense of the word — after over thirty years of pain, Tim finally overcame the tragedies of his life.

He then decided to make his tragedies and pain serve the greater good, rather than allowing them to consume him any longer.

Today, as Award-winning Motivational Speaker, Tim is working to prevent Substance Abuse Colleges, Universities and Schools across America while helping Students Stay Sober and Succeed.

Tim’s Presentation

Tim talks about his initial high school battles with emotional well-being which he holds as a key player in his dynamic long periods of substance utilize. He really trusts that each someone who is addicted has encountered a specific level or injury or emotional wellness issues that add to their substance utilize and our absence of affirmation and compassion for these issues are making a battle to adequately encourage the fanatic.

On the off chance that there is one thing Tim ensures the group of onlookers comprehends amid this keynote, it Is that habit was past a decision and his audience members get a crude and inside and out look from the junkie’s perspective. His entryway similarity that portrays the battle of returning once you stroll in, reverberates with the majority of the groups of onlookers who partake.

“A Powerful Performance!
-Chaplin Paul M. Fullmer
Lebanon Valley College
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Speaker Tim White
Helping Students Stay Sober and Succeed.