Helping Students Stay Sober and Successful.

Helping Students
Stay Sober and Successful.

Helping Students Stay Sober
and Successful.

Youth Speaker Tim White has dedicated his life to Helping Students Stay Sober and Successful. As an Alcohol Survivor himself, he knows the dangers, traps, and pain that substance abuse can bring.

Youth Speaker Tim White | Student Substance Abuse Prevention
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Tim helps Prevent Student Substance Abuse in schools across America, with Entertaining & Educating Speaking Presentations.

His Curriculum Based Programs & Engaging Workshops also empower students with the tools and strategies necessary to gain control of their lives and move forward, positively and productively.

Tim Helps with...

Substance Abuse Prevention

Tim's goal is to help nip alcohol and substance abuse in the bud before it can take root. His strategy is to communicate to students early in their lives and plant the seeds of sobriety first.

Dropout Prevention

Tim knows the perils of dropping out of school first hand and strongly articulates his experiences navigating through life with no formal education. He illustrates the benefits of staying in school.

Leadership & Academic Success

Conveying to students that academic success is just one facet of leadership and life happiness, is a core principle Tim teaches his audiences of students from kindergarten through college.

Ways Tim Helps...

Speaking Presentations

Tim's speaking presentations are engaging, educating, entertaining and fun!  But most importantly, they're packed with 100% actionable content.

Curriculum Based Programs

Realizing he can't be everywhere all the time, Tim packages his content for students to consume and digest during school hours and even at home.

Engaging Workshops

Great for a follow up after speaking or before introducing a course curriculum to students, Tim leads engaging and fun workshops to reinforce his lessons.

What Clients say...

I highly recommend Tim.  He captures your attention, speaks from the heart, and is filled with passion.  Immediately, he holds your interest and incorporates elements of humor and inspiration into the speaking programs he presents to his audience.

Joe Reggie

University Professor

Philadelphia, PA


Although Tim primarily serves students, he's always able to adapt his message to the audience sector he’s speaking to.  I highly recommend Tim to speak before any group!  Business leaders, employees, parents, teachers and students alike, can all benefit from his message.

Teajay Aikey

President & CEO

PA Chamber of Commerce

Teajay Aikey - Central PA Chamber of Commerce

What Students say...



"I really liked his transparency and how he can still relate to us."



"From beginning to end, his performance was amazing!"



"He's very inspirational and you can tell he really cares about us."



"I'll never do drugs and I'm applying his DAD philosophy right away!"



"I think he's funny and smart! He helped us know we're already valuable!"



"I think Tim coming to our school helped a lot of people struggling with addictions." 

A Special Thank You to Students.

During an assembly, Tim let the students know he had joined Toastmasters two months prior and they challenged him to compete in the World Championship Contest for Speakers.

So he did and...

Youth Speaker International Speaking Champion

Youth Speaker

Rises To International Speaking Champion


Speaker Tim White surpassed fierce competition of over 30,000 speakers to win over the judges with his speech, "Swept Away."  His speech touches on the themes of substance abuse prevention, overcoming challenges, and personal growth.  "When connecting with an audience," Tim said, "The key is to honestly care about what you're communicating to them."

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So Why does tim Do this?

"We were excited to bring in Tim for our Customized Curriculum.  He was engaging, positively impacted our students, and is in a class if his own."

— Dr. Karen M. Scolforo, President, Central Penn College

Helping Students Stay Sober and Successful.

Help Your Students
Stay Sober and Successful.

Helping Students Stay Sober
and Successful.

100% Actionable Content with Presentations that are Engaging, Educating, Entertaining and FUN!

Youth Speaker Tim White
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